Oct. 25th, 2011 09:15 pm
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Happy Diwali, flist. May it be full of light and promise.

I don't have much of a celebration planned this year - quite by coincidence, dinner with friends tomorrow night, and I shall take sweets in for my colleagues - so here's something for y'all. Four little stories, each on a general theme. Enjoy, and pretend there are sweeties.

mysterious ways
M*A*S*H, gen. Mulcahy, Hawkeye & co.
boy, bear, agnostic )

Discworld, gen, Carrot, Angua and Vimes.
the regulation breastplate and sword )

Sports Night, gen, Dana, Dan, ensemble.
every light in the building )

night driving
X-Men: First Class, gen, Charles & Erik.
light all the way )
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Another tiny ficlet, this time for [personal profile] musesfool, who wanted Sports Night, Dan, Dana and a piano.

ficlet:: les autres
by Raven
800w, Sports Night, gen. A late night, a bar.

the network changeover is a great relief to everyone, of course... )
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Hello hello! How are you all! I have way too much going on in my head! I have a lot of reading to do! And papers to write! And I have had one too many bad days recently! And I want to do [livejournal.com profile] queer_fest! And also [community profile] remix_goes_wild! And I want to write original fiction for the first time in years! And the Siren and I are planning for grad! I have a scholarship application to write! My apartment's a state! And the weather is turning over seasons around in my head!

...but Shim is here, and that's something. Something slow and easy. He's asleep, because in his head it's three in the morning, and oh, I miss the slow ease of another person in my life. Home is people not place and he's spent the evening reading Sir Walter Scott on my sofa and reading out the bits about the Scottish tolerance for excessive claret.

spoilers for Buffy season 8 )

In other news, I'm showing Shim Sports Night. We are up to "The Quality of Mercy at 29K", and we've had the Christian Patrick plot but haven't got into the Casey/Dana/Sally clusterfuck yet. Shim thinks CJ and Dana would get on. I suspect he may be right. Natalie is still my favourite. Isaac is also my favourite. So is Dana. ALSO DAN RYDELL STILL HAS A CRUSH ON HILLARY CLINTON, OMG. This will never stop making me happy. Neither will this show, omg. Two seasons and precisely one bad episode. Oh show.

'kay bye.
raven: Sabrina Hurley as Natalie with dubious expression and overlay text: "she could no longer pretend he wasn't an idiot" (sports night - natalie)
For [livejournal.com profile] foreverdirt, who wanted Natalie from Sports Night in a Star Trek AU.

Ficlet:: Earth, Renaissance
by Raven
G, Sports Night/Star Trek AOS crossover, gen, 1000 words. Natalie's working week begins with Andorian hoverball.

Monday )
raven: Sabrina Hurley as Natalie with dubious expression and overlay text: "she could no longer pretend he wasn't an idiot" (sports night - natalie)
So, when [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest prompts were open for submission, I submitted this:

2871. Sports Night, Natalie Hurley, Natalie is not guilty, conflicted or unhappy about her queerness - no matter how much her boyfriend, her faith and her parents get in the way.

I didn't claim it myself, but I kept on thinking about it, and in the end this story happened. This isn't an [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest story really - because I suspect it might have gone differently if I'd worried about sticking exactly to the prompt - but a hat-tip is in order. Writing about queer issues, guys! It's really great.

Anyway. With thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gamesiplay and [livejournal.com profile] foreverdirt for their kindness in betaing. (And so quickly, too! Thank you both very much.)

Fic:: Hear The City Breathe
by Raven
G, Sports Night, gen and slash, 4000 words. Natalie, who she is.

Natalie's had a lot of boyfriends )
raven: Sabrina Hurley as Natalie with dubious expression and overlay text: "she could no longer pretend he wasn't an idiot" (sports night - natalie)
I am so tired, I forgot to watch Doctor Who. Funny what staying up all night and leaving all your homework till the last minute will do, isn't it.

So. No election talk for a little while. Can anyone do a Sports Night beta? Not v. long, it's just a wee ficlet, but as it's a new departure for me, beta probably good just for grammar/canon issues. (I haven't finished the story yet, but plan to have done later today.) thaaaankyou, lovely flist.
raven: Sabrina Hurley as Natalie with dubious expression and overlay text: "she could no longer pretend he wasn't an idiot" (sports night - natalie)
From Sports Night 2x10, "The Giants Win The Pennant, The Giants Win The Pennant":

DAN: Did you see your daughter born?

ISAAC: Yeah.

DAN: Did you see her graduate college?

ISAAC: Yeah.

DAN: Are you watching Sports Night tonight?

ISAAC: Yeah.

DAN: Then shut up.

From 2x14, "And The Crowd Goes Wild":

NATALIE: I'm not upset about this, Isaac. I'm upset because there's a principle, a bedrock principle that doesn't change, and now I'm supposed to hand over these things. I'm supposed to hand over these things that are ours.

Keeps making me cry. Stupid show.

Hi, flist, I am spending my Bank Holiday Monday in bed. Watching Sports Night. I'm, like, the coolest person ever to live. I had a very nice party the other night, and now I'm supposed to be working, but seriously. Bed, really great.

Rec me lying-in-bed-all-day comfort fic you like? I'll go first:

Ordinary People, by [livejournal.com profile] daegaer, Good Omens AU.
Crowley and Aziraphale as... well, ordinary people.

Registration, by [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge, Harry Potter, Sirius & Remus.
Sirius and Remus queue up to register Harry at Hogwarts - only, he's not called Harry yet.

Left of West, by [livejournal.com profile] hannahrorlove, House, sort of House/Wilson, definitely AU.
Hard to explain. Just read it.

And, you all have got used to me going on about How Much I Love Connie Willis, and here's my chance to show you how great she is. This novella used to only be online as a sample, but sometime recently they must have put the whole thing up, having possibly realised you can only read it in paperback form if you're willing to pay $90 for a secondhand copy.

All Seated On The Ground, by Connie Willis, approx. 23000 words. It's a Christmas story. With aliens. And wacky evangelicals, a guy who squirts pizza and an honest-to-God Hallelujah chorus. It's just fantastic, do read it.

(Back to Sports Night. Oh, hey, you could rec me SN fic. I mean. If you wanna.)
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The Incredible Fornicatores had sex until five thirty am, and all the banging, shouting and howling in the world did not stop them...

...however, my good mood has just been entirely restored by the fact DAN RYDELL HAS A CRUSH ON HILLARY CLINTON. "Her hair, her shoes!"


Thank you, I now return you to Life Without The Demented Girl In The Corner.

(Yes, my next exam is less than forty-eight hours away, however did you guess.)
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Oh hai, I hate everything. I do. Yesterday I had an oral exam and today I went to the dentist, in contemplation of tomorrow I have an email titled "ALL DAY FIRE ALARM TESTING FRIDAY 5TH MARCH" and on Saturday four hours of exams.

about the dentist )

about the advocacy exam )

Now I am trying to desperately prepare for my civil litigation paper on Saturday (crim lit prep tomorrow, oh hell) and rewarding myself with bits of Sports Night. Which is so much fun. I tried to get into it a while ago, but my source dried up; this time it's easier and I'm enjoying it so much. Mainly Dana, and mainly mainly Natalie. I love her. She is so awesome.

this is how Natalie is awesome; seriously, this is the best thing to happen to me all week )

It's kind of blurry, but, ohhh. She's so pretty. So awesome, and so pretty, and in "Mary Pat Shelby" I wanted to waaaaaaail in her general direction.


Oh, and, because I ought to go away and read about civil litigation and try through willpower to stop my tongue falling out and dancing a calypso on my desk - oh hai, dental anaesthetic - I will just note for the record which stories I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] purimgifts:

an open-door policy, The West Wing, Toby/Andi.
Otherwise known as "ARGH NO PLOT WHERE IS PLOT ARGH". [livejournal.com profile] shimgray came up with it at the eleventh hour, I wrote it in one sitting, but I'm pleased with it, I think.

so many colours it nearly broke my heart, Harry Potter, Parvati, Padma and Hermione.
Okay, so. I did not set out to write a Holi-themed story that would be revealed on Holi. It just sort of... happened. Serendipity and whatnot. But I liked it.

sometimes patient, sometimes kind, Love Actually.
Not something I would have written if my recipient hadn't asked for it, but on the whole I'm glad she did; it's not my best story ever by a long chalk, but it was probably good for me to go through the mill trying to get something good out of very few ideas.

Right. Civil litigation.
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I had a surprisingly eventful day, considering I didn't talk to anyone and didn't get up until two. (Hi, brain, not useful, thanks.) Here are my [livejournal.com profile] purimgifts recs:

First of all, these three stories were for me:

Caifornia Girls, Code, Midnight Radio, gen, Star Trek (2009).
These are about Gaila and Uhura, apart and together, and I really, really like them; they're very simple snippets, but the writing is so elegant, and the execution so neat. Also, Gaila and Uhura = win.

And from the others:

A Certain Slant of Snow, gen, Sports Night/The West Wing.
Amy Gardner meets Dana in an airport bar. This is so great; so smart, so much like them, and I really enjoyed it. It's the first of three, and while I did like the other two, I haven't seen enough Sports Night for them to make entire sense to me, so the rec's limited to the first. But it's great: sharp and fun.

I'm Blushing on the Inside, gen, The West Wing.
Ainsley likes hamantaschen. Also pwning people. Lovely.

End of the Rainbow, Gaila/Kirk, Star Trek (2009)
Gaila has some questions to ask Kirk. I really, really like this for the depth it gives to Gaila, and to Kirk as well for that matter, but to Gaila: it thinks through her motivations with such clear-eyed writing. I like it a lot.

Moving To The Country, gen, Star Trek (2009).
Sulu shows Chekov around San Francisco. Really understated, really nice.

The Final Message, gen, Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
When the people of the Milky Way Galaxy first heard that God's Final Message to His Creation was being displayed, the Jews of the Galaxy were among the first to seek it out. This is... highly strange, and strangely nice.

Untitled (day 1, day 2, day 3), gen, Vorkosigan.
Helen Natalia, the daughter of Count Vorkosigan, has worked something out: she is the best-placed person to take on the countship. Cordelia and Gregor help, in their own ways. It's a lovely story, this, just right in style and tone.

(Also, I was reading this and thinking, huh, it's a complete three-part story, I wonder why the author didn't give it a title?

...then I thought, this is a story about a woman trying to take on a countship, which she doesn't have at the moment. Aha.)

1 Kings 12:3-15, Exodus 7:8-13, Esther 6:1-5, gen, Good Omens, Hebrew Bible
The Hebrew Bible, with the amendment of a certain angel and a certain demon, and a certain amount of judicious snarking. The style of these is ludicrously, effortlessly seamless; the biblical language is resonating along, ringing from the rafters the way it always does, and then suddenly the dark scribe didst grin widely, saying unto him, Trust me, this shalt be one for the books. If they weren't a gift for [livejournal.com profile] daegaer I would have thought that she wrote them; as it is, they are a delightful mystery.

That is all. My heart hurts, I hate advocacy, why do people need defending in court anyway.


Sep. 30th, 2008 06:23 pm
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One of my favourite episodes of Sports Night is "Intellectual Property", mostly because it combines the a) incredibly sweet (Dan! Sings Happy Birthday to Casey live on air! It's vaguely gay!) and b) incredibly geeky (It's against the law to be vaguely gay sing Happy Birthday on air!* It's still in copyright!) but also because of what Dana says to Natalie, later. "What's the last good idea you had?"

Quoth Natalie, "When I woke up this morning, I decided not to stick my hand in the blender."

It's been that sort of a day.

Things achieved today:

-Not throwing myself into traffic at any point, by the simple expedients of hiding in libraries and toilet cubicles and other such places where this would be a) messy and b) inconvenient.

(This is a judgement on me, I feel. Yesterday I went to see my sweet, reassuring and competent GP, who said he was glad that the citalopram was working for me, it was good to hear I was feeling better, asked about my past history with depression and then, contemplatively, what my degree and post-grad are in. "PPE, then law," he said, still contemplatively. "Well, you're not very stupid, are you?"

It pleased me. Anyway, of course I start acting like an overwrought lunatic the day after I assure a doctor I'm quite sane, thank you.)

-Losing my house keys, by the similarly simple expedient of being a fucking idiot. I have lost a single key off a ring. I have not lost my bike key (for which there is a spare), my house key for up north (for which my parents have spares), or my room key (which I never use) or the remote access control on the ring (of which there are several). It is my fucking house key, for which the spare is missing.

-I had a bath. This actually wasn't an achievement. I mention it because I managed it without major disaster.

-I saw a car with an Obama bumper sticker! This was exciting.

-And, finally, went down to our letting agency with my housemates, and met the obstructive, rude and obnoxious woman responsible for sorting out our new contract. It was a horrible experience, especially coming after a day of ick, but at least she was unambiguously awful and wrong. We don't understand, she said, we don't understand the difficulty in drawing up a contract. We don't understand.

At which point I could have, but didn't, pull Poole's 667-page Textbook of Contract Law out of my bag. But I didn't. Scratch everything, that was my big achievement for the day.

In other news, my mother had, when she was about seventeen, an enormous crush on a Hindi film star called Dev Anand. She saw all his films, she cut pictures of him out of magazines, the whole shebang.

Today, nearly forty years on, she met him. She saw he was doing a book signing on a poster, and went and was first in line to buy tickets and sat at the front and asked him a question and was breathlessly, flailingly excited. She just rang me up and shrieked, "I met Dev Anand!"

I think, all in all, she had a successful day.

* This is not actually true.

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