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Dear yuletide author,

Hi! I'm delighted you're writing for me. I hope you have a good time, writing whatever you want to write: optional details are optional and in any case I'm much more interested in the story of your heart than anything specifically below - this is just in case it would be helpful to you to have more detail.

Generally, I like: friendship; kindness; competence; people expressing their love for each other in small ways; interesting power dynamics; breakfast.

There's very little I don't like. I don't like men in positions of power over women and I don't like the erasing of queers and that's basically it. I'm not super into PWP as all there is to a story, though sex and kink are both things I like. I have no triggers, but I'm ophidiophobic.

Also: you don't have to write fluff for me. (You can write fluff for me! I'd love that!) But if the story of your heart is sad; if it's bittersweet; or wistful, or just less hilarious than the canon - I want to hear it.


KJ Charles - Society of Gentlemen

Characters: Dominic Frey, Silas Mason

So I'm very fond of this whole series of intersecting novels about the self-titled Ricardians, the friends and lovers of Richard Vane - it's so interesting and so well-plotted. But these two characters and their complex, intelligent, deeply personal-as-political relationship are my favourites. In particular, I love how much they both don't like to be liked - neither of them will change even for the other.

Things that might be interesting to hear about, in no order: what is it with Dominic and aftercare, anyway? At some point Silas is going to get him to the point where he accepts it, which would be super-interesting to me. And what about Silas? He loves Dominic a lot, but what does their relationship look like when they do things the way he wants to do them?

Also, one of my favourite things about the third book is the glimpses we get of what it's like when Dominic and Silas are on the same side. Terrifying competence for everyone! Dominic is a force for taxation! I feel like you could have a lot of fun with this.

Connie Willis - Oxford time-travelling historians

Characters: James Dunworthy, Kivrin Engle, Verity Kindle, Ned Henry

First things first: you don't need to write a story about all of them! I love them all, in their various combinations; I'd love a romantic comedy about Verity and Ned getting into trouble; I'd love a serious story about Kivrin; equally, I'd like the flipped-up versions, where Verity and Ned are in a serious story and Kivrin gets to have some fun for once. My favourite character in the series, just marginally, is Dunworthy. I love the glimpse of him as a young man that we get in To Say Nothing of the Dog - scruffy, in jeans and hopelessly in love with Lizzy Bittner! - and his lifelong obsession with St Paul's. (In Blackout, I got a chill when Polly realises that he wants to die there - that there's nowhere else left.)

And most of all - I love Oxford. I went to Balliol (though I'm not a historian) and Willis's version of it doesn't ring true to me, but the people she fills it with do.


Characters: Jonas Maliki, Angelica Turing

I have literally just finished watching this show and I loved it. I love the joie de vivre and telepathic hijinks and people being good to one another. And while I love the eight sensates in the cluster, I do think we get pretty profoundly into their heads - I've no need for fic about them because there aren't any cracks to fill. Not so with Angelica and Jonas, who are my favourite of the show's mysteries - particularly their ambiguous motivations. Is it a redemption arc that's happening in the background? I would love that. Maybe it's a complex evil plan, and I'd love that too. Maybe it's just slander; we only ever hear about these two from people who have reason to dislike them already. I'd like any light you might have to cast on them, or any pointed lack thereof.

Hilary Tamar Mysteries - Sarah Caudwell

Characters: Selena Jardine, Julia Larwood

HI YOU LOVE THESE TOO HI. I love these books so much! (Passers-by: they are a series of hilarious gentle murder mysteries solved by an Oxford legal academic (who is, by the bye, never gendered) while assisted by four young and hapless members of the Chancery Bar.)

I confess: I ship Selena and Julia like burning. I want all the rumours around the West London County Court to finally come true and for them to fall in love (competently on Selena's part, chaotically on Julia's) and live - barring Mr Justice Wellieboots - happily ever after. But I love how good friends they are, too. I love how Selena patiently goes to rescue Julia whenever necessary. I love Julia's sincere and whole-hearted belief that Selena is the best advocate at the Bar. They're so great together, I love them.

Also, I am an English lawyer. I spend my working life around High Holborn and Temple. If you want to write me a dull courtroom drama about the Finance Acts, I'm here for it, is what I'm saying.

Having said all of that: optional details are optional. Have a lovely time!

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There's very little I don't like I don't like men in positions of power over women and I don't like

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