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Thanks to [personal profile] st_aurafina there are some new people around! Hi! I'm glad to see Dreamwidth a little more active - I tolerate Twitter because it's the place people hang out, but I'm really much more verbose than it allows me to be. I like it here.

By way of introduction: I'm (very very nearly) thirty; I've been in fandom for sixteen years; I'm a pro(ish) writer under another name; I live and work in London; I'm a lawyer and civil servant; I'm interested in a fair few things but predominantly languages and land rights. I mean, that's basically it. I lead quite a dull life. I work, I read, I write, I learn languages (though I'm not as multilingual as I ought to be), and sometimes I leave London and can breathe again.

What else? I realised I forgot to make any New Year's resolutions, or at least, forgot to write about them. My resolution for this year is just: do less. Work less. Spend more time reading trashy romance novels/on long aimless walks/hanging out with friends. If there's anything you want to know about me, or anything you want to start a conversation about, please comment!
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