Jul. 20th, 2010

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If I get this right, then hopefully this will crosspost to LJ as well as Dreamwidth. ([personal profile] forthwritten has been talking me through it all morning.) Fingers crossed. Anyway, on that note, I have made all the changes I'm going to make - you can comment on my DW or my LJ, I honestly don't mind either way. I think I have given access on DW to everyone who can read my flocked posts on LJ - if this isn't the case just let me know. Ditto if you have a DW user account that I've somehow missed.

That is all, please talk amongst yourselves in the comments. Imagine there is a sideboard with mimosas and cheese and pineapple on sticks, and those little brie-cranberry parcels I like.

edited to add and edit crossposting works too, hurrah.
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I was [livejournal.com profile] loneraven on LiveJournal - which is to say, I still am - but now I am [personal profile] raven as well; hi. Er. I am reading here, and I am reading there. If you want to move your journal-based activities to DW I am perfectly happy to read/subscribe to you here, if you don't, then let's hang out at LJ.

I have no blog policies as such. If you want to know what I think about something, do ask.

Here are some things that I don't exactly assume you know about me, but might be useful/interesting; and here are my stories at the Archive of Our Own. I am entirely okay with people podficcing, translating, continuing, or otherwise-transforming my stories, but I'd love to see the end result if that's what you're doing, and please credit me as an original author.

Really, I'm pretty easy-going.

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